Latura was a faded roan.

Latura came to me with Vegas and Mr. Blonde. See Vegas's page for their story.

Latura was a quiet, meek little rat. He very much kept himself to himself and caused no trouble. Most of the time, he was cuddled up in a big white pile with everyone else and you didn't even know he was there!
He had a tiny little grey patch on his shoulders which proved he was a roan and at one point, had grey markings.

Latura died of a pituitary tumour. A week before his death, I remarked that he didn't look right. There was nothing obviously wrong with him, and anyone who didn't know him well would have said he looked fine. He ate, drank, still trotted about the place, but to me he just looked like he wasn't 100%, and I suspected at this time that he had the beginning of a pituitary tumour.
And a few days later, he started showing signs of slight mobility issues, and weight loss, with no outwardly obvious causes. I knew then that he only had a short while left.
He died at home. Why Latura? My boyfriend Jon named Latura after Sylvester Stallone's character in the movie 'Daylight'.

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