Kitt was a mismarked agouti capped.

Kitt and his friend Herbie both came to me from someone who had gotten them for their daughter, but the daughter had lost interest, and it was felt the rats didn't get the time they needed.
Both were almost 2 when I took them on, and unfortunately I didn't have them as long as I'd have liked.
Kitt was a pretty mellow, happy rat, and seemed to be very popular in the group as he was gentle and consistent. However, perhaps a month after they came to me, I noticed Kitt starting to drop a little bit of weight and his coat condition was a little poor. This isn't unusual for a rat of that age, but on having a feel of his stomach, he had a hard mass growing in there. It was smaller than a grape when I discovered it, and my vet confirmed it was attached to his kidney, and inoperable, so all I could do was let him live out whatever time he had left.
Kitt went on to have a few more good weeks, but gradually became thinner and weaker. Eventually, when he began to become anemic, I made the tough decision to have him euthanised. Although he was still eating and drinking up to the day, he had little quality of life and was always very tired.

I wish I could have had Kitt longer than I did. It seemed I was only just getting to know him when he died.

Why Kitt? Both Kitt and Herbie retained the names they had when I took them on. They were both named after famous cars.

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