Kingdom is a wheaten burmese dumbo.

Kingdom came to me with his brothers, Taiga and Ruble. A lady phoned me to say the rats were her daughters, but she was hardly around for them any more and the mum felt they deserved more attention.
When I went to collect them, I knew these were not your run of the mill rescues. Wheaten burmese, russian dove and russian blue trios don't tend to originate from pet shops. So I asked if the rats were originally from a breeder. The lady told me they were, and on discussion it seemed they came from a breeder I know personally.

On arriving home, the first thing I did was inform the breeder that three of her rats had come into my sanctuary. All good breeders like to know if the rats they've bred are no longer wanted, in fact, most request such before selling rats to people. For whatever reason, these boy's original owner had not contacted the breeder to tell her she didn't want the rats any more.

I informed the breeder that I was happy for her to have her rats back, and she said she would like this very much. However, we had a distance problem, with her being located a long way from me, and neither of us having our own transport. I didn't have the petrol money or time to make a long journey to return rats to a breeder (and rather felt it was her job to come get them from me) and she did not have her own transport. Long story short, things became a little heated between us before the conclusion was reached that if she could not make her way to me to pick up her rats, there was little practical choice but for them to remain here.

Kingdom is beta rat of the group. He is generally a sweet boy, but he can be prone to temper tantrums with other rats, if they get too pushy. All the boys from this rescue are a little timid, presumably due to not being interacted with much in their previous home, but they are all nice, placid rats.

Why Kingdom? Kingdom is a beautiful rat, so I felt he needed a regal name.

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