Kashmir was a siamese.

Kashmir came to me along with Aggie following a call from a member of the public.
She told me she had two rats, a boy and a girl, that she no longer had time for. Obviously my first question was 'have they ever been together?!' The last thing I needed was a pregnancy!
Fortunately, the two had never met. They were both living on top of a shelf in the house, but I know little else of their former lives as I did not go to the house directly to get them. I met the owner outside a shop and she handed me them both, in two small cardboard tissue boxes.

Kashmir is a lovely, gentle, cuddly boy. Despite whatever life he'd had before, he'd obviously been handled well since he was well used to it and seemed to love people. However, having had no contact with other rats for his whole life, or most of it, he was quite a hormonal boy and spent a lot of time scent marking and making sure everyone knew he had arrived!

Kashmir took quite a while to get living happily in the group. Despite being a very dominant rat when alone or on a one to one, he was terrified when there was more than one rat involved. He was very quickly put in his place by Reggie and this seemed to spook him, and he took a long time to get back his confidence around other rats. In any altercation, he would run back to me and seek refuge on my lap. It made me feel bad that I had to keep putting him back down with the other rats, but he needed to face his fears if he was ever to live with the group.
Eventually, I made the decision to put him into the cage. He was very scared for a few days, but eventually mellowed out and began to make some friends. He was allowed to sleep in the waffle house with the others, and once Reggie was removed from the group, he really came out of his shell. It was lovely watching him groom and play with other rats.

Kashmir developed a special friendship with Harvey, and the two were rarely apart. When Harvey died, Kashmir seemed to go downhill shortly after. He was 2 when I got him, making him 3 or more when he died, which is a good age for any rat. I never really pin pointed exactly what was wrong with him, he simply seemed to decline and quickly died of what I assume was a heart attack. He was a lovely old boy, and it was sad to see him go, even though he lived to a good age.

Why Kashmir? After the Led Zeppelin song.

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