Jethro was an agouti dumbo.

I adopted Jethro from a lady on Preloved who had a rescue litter to rehome. I needed a young friend for my new baby Strahm.
Jethro came from Cambs and we drove to pick him up.

At first, Strahm wasn't sure about Jethro. Jethro is quite a bolshy rat, and I think Strahm found him a little scary at first! But within a few days, they were playfighting and following each other around, and I knew I'd done the right thing in getting Strahm a companion close to his own age.

Jethro grew into a somewhat pushy, alpha-type rat. He never did any harm to others, but always had a bit of a temper, and had to be monitored closely with newbies for a while.
When Jethro was younger, he was involved in a minor fight which resulted in a wound to his testicals. It was a small wound, but obviously did some internal damage. He was taken to the vet, and we opted to castrate just in case. The castration went well, but the vet said he could not find a second testical. He said there may still be a small chance Jethro might be fertile, due to the unconventional nature of his castrate, so I never dared try him with females.

He lived out the rest of his days happily, but suffered with a pituitary tumour in his later weeks, which ultimately caused his death.

Why Jethro? Jon named Jethro after a character from NCIS.

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