Jericho was a blue berkshire.

Jericho came to me with his friend, Dillinger.
To this day Im not sure exactly where these boys came from or what happened, only that they had both experienced some abuse and mistreatment, and that both were labelled as biters.
They were fostered by a rat loving friend near London, so Jon and I drove to pick them up.

Jericho was the rat suggested to be implemented in most of the bites, but I have to say that I never had this problem with him. He was a timid and slightly reactive rat, and possibly if pushed, or not listened to, he may have nipped. But I saw no signs of this here.
Jericho had respiratory issues from the moment I got him, though at first they were relatively minor, and intermittent. As they became more significant, he was put onto medication, but unfortunately, nothing seemed to help. It was likely he'd had these issues for a good part of his life, and had lung damage as a result. He passed away as a result of his respiratory issues.

Why Jericho? Just sounded good!

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