Jay was a cinnamon hooded.

Jay and his cage mate Silent Bob came to me as rescues from someone who claimed to be allergic to them. They were both a year old when I got them, and their previous owner did not seem at all upset at seeing them go. My personal belief is that there was never any allergy involved; she just got bored of them.

Both Jay and Silent Bob had a large cage, but no toys or anywhere to sleep except the floor. They were kept on woodshavings and fed a Tesco's own brand hamster food. As a result, they both had poor coat condition and were lacking in muscle tone.
When I first got them, neither much enjoyed being picked up, and they would struggle and squeal, but never attempted to bite. During free range time, they would spend perhaps 10 minutes exploring, then flop down and go to sleep. They were obviously not used to doing anything except sleeping all day!

Jay and Bob lived for a while in the big Jenny cage with Grout and Jester. Originally, Ghengis and Josh were there too, but I split the groups when Jigsaw came along, and because Josh was getting picked on. Jay and Bob then lived together as a pair in a seperate cage as they seemed much happier alone than with other rats.

Jay was a very dominant rat. He disliked other males, even if they were just outside of his cage. He spent a lot of his free range time scent marking and sniffing where other boys have been. He and Bob were the only rats I could not possibly let out in one big group with everyone else for play time as they simply caused fights. However, Jay was lovely with people. He liked to stare at you from the cage bars, but often fell asleep halfway through. I'd see him sleep hanging over shelves, almost falling out of a hammock, and clinging onto cage bars! He was a particular favourite of my mum.

Jay died of old age. Old age in rats is basically a way of saying they died of an unknown cause, but were very old when it happened. Usually, its a stroke, or something like kidney failure. Jay just seemed to deteriorate, then one day just decided to give up, despite me nursing him. One of the saddest parts about his death was that it left Bob on his own, and he clearly felt the loss. Fortunately, I was able to get Bob to move in with the other boys, something that could never have happened when Jay was around, and he went on to settle in as a member of the big group.

Why Jay? I like Kevin Smith movies.

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