It's a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life
Won't you take me by the hand
Take me somewhere new
I don't know who you are but I
Im with you
Im with you

?- 14.09.07

Jacob was a striped roan.

Jacob, and his friend Mickey, came to me after a member of the public phoned me about them. Their story is one of the most upsetting and disgusting I've yet to come across, and can be read on Mickey's page.

Jacob was been unwell from the day he arrived.
I noticed blood in his urine when he came here, and he was always rather reserved and dull. I took him to the vet who said his bladder felt really thickened, and he diagnosed cystitis. Jacob was put onto a course of antibiotics.
After two weeks, the blood didn't seem to have lessened, so I took him back. The vet this time tried a different antibiotic, but did say that Jacob's bladder felt less thick. He was put onto Synulox for another two weeks, but during this time, it became clear that the synulox didn't agree with him and he began to lose weight, as well as appearing really pale an anaemic. He was also not eating well. I took him back to the vet again who tried another antibiotic.
This drug didn't seem to be vastly different to the previous one, and Jacob was still pale and lethargic, and the blood was still there.

Eventually, we decided he had actually seemed fitter before all the medication, so we left him off all drugs for a 2 week period. Although he seemed to perk up in this time, the blood seemed to come in much thicker once he stopped his antibiotics, and this only added to his anaemia.

Then shortly after, Jacob went back for a long lasting injection of steroids and anti-inflammatories. We were never exactly sure what was wrong with him, and while other possibilities would exist in treating a dog or cat with similar symptoms, they did not exist for rats.
Jacob could have been given an ultra-sound, but it is likely that if anything was discovered inside him, operating would not have been in his best interests anyway. My main concern was that he was not in pain, and he always ate well, and came out to see me, though he was never the rat he should have been. He still bled, and I was always open to anything else I could try with him, but I didn't not want to make his life revolve around vet visits and drugs. I never knew how old he was, and I didn't want to think he'd spent his life being stressed out by medications and trips to the vet.

One day, I noticed Jacob was keeping away from the group, not coming down to eat, and would barely lick at things I offered him on my finger. I took him indoors with me, and Josh as company, and he died the next morning. His death was peaceful.

Why Jacob? The name came to me one night at work while spot-lighting the 'Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat' section of one of the shows. One of the characters was called Jacob.

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