Huey was a black mismarked hooded dumbo

Huey is Vinnie's brother.

Huey and his brother Vinnie were dumped at a vet's in Norwich, who then phoned me to take them on. The same person who dumped them also dumped a pregnant cat at the same time, so clearly this was someone who didn't know the first thing about responsibility.

Huey and Vinnie were both only young babies when I got them, making their abandonment even more callous. Huey was the most outwardly friendly of the two, and seemed very keen to make friends with people. However, he was also a very low-ranking rat, and a natural omega so he tended to be bullied a little within the group when he was younger, but as he got older he became a well liked rat by everyone else.
Huey developed fast breathing and signs of heart problems only a week or so before he passed away. While he ate well, and din't make any respiratory noises, he was losing weight and his breathing was extremely fast.
One night, he seemed to take a sudden turn for the worst. I'd planned to make him a vet appointment first thing in the morning. I got him out of the cage and warmed him up on a heat pad, but he died only a few minutes later.

I still don't know exactly what was wrong with Huey, his outward signs were subtle and he seemed relatively bright in himself. He was very old, however, so his death was not completely unexpected. He was a lovely, merry little rat who got on with everyone and is missed in the group.

Why Huey? Huey was named after Fun Lovin' Criminals vocalist, Huey Morgan.

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