Hubert Cumberdale

Hubert was a mismarked capped dumbo.

Hubert and his brother Murray belonged to my best friend, Roach. See Murray's page for their story.

Hubert was a very chilled out lad, some might even say a little slow. Even as a youngster, he didn't really seem to understand rat behaviour, and preferred to just stay out of it all and sleep.

Hubert lived to a good age, and in his later years, became a lovely, affectionate rat. While he still didn't seem to ever understand his own species, he liked using them as pillows and they, in turn, found him reassuring to be around because he was so gentle. Hubert had the occasional respiratory problem in his life, and when he was very old, his back legs became weak, but he was otherwise a healthy boy into old age.

Hubert's death was the result of what the vet thought was a tooth root abscess. One side of his muzzle just swelled up one day, and when I lifted his lip, you could see a laceration on the inside of his mouth. I took him to the vet, but was not hopeful for treatment given Huberts age and how difficult these kinds of problems can be to treat.
The vet advised euthanasia, which is what I had expected and wanted. It was clear this the abscess was uncomfortable for Hubert, and it made it hard for him to eat, so there was no option.

Why Hubert Cumberdale? Hubert Cumberdale is a character from internet cartoon Salad Fingers

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