Houdini was a black berkshire dumbo with a head spot.

Houdini came with Sinatra and Harlem
They came as a group of three from the pets@home adoption center. I was told their old owner had to move abroad and couldn't take them with him. I later found out these rats actually originally belonged to a work colleague of mine!

Houdini was a fairly independent rat and liked to do things on his own terms. Like all three from this rescue, he was somewhat timid. However, he was probably the more mellow of the three and got on well with all other rats.

Houdini died suddenly one day, without showing any prior health problems. I was not expecting him to pass and have no idea why he did. I am comforted by the idea that he died at home, with his friends, apparently in his sleep.

Why Houdini? Jon named Houdini as he escaped several times on the way home!

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