Hopkirk was a roan.

Hopkirk came to me with his brother/friend Randall.See his page for their story.
Hopkirk was, like Randall, a typical lazy old boy. He was rather grubby when he first turned up, but he whitened up a lot over time. He also had some issues with abscesses when he first arrived, and needed to be purple sprayed. He remained purple for months after!

Hopkirk developed head-tilt and despite treatment, it never got better, but he managed to live a normal life despite it.
Hopkirk died from a pituitary tumour, though he had such a lust for life and survived a lot longer than anyone thought he would have. I nursed him extensively through his last week. Pituitary tumours are difficult to judge when it comes to having a rat put to sleep as they are unpredictable, and rats can still show desire to eat, drink and have cuddles even when their body is failing.
I have had some rats with these tumours die in their sleep when the condition wasn't even too far advanced, but others who live a lot longer. I find them one of the hardest conditions to deal with and make decisions on. Hopkirk was a really lovely, gentle boy.

Why Hopkirk? My dad named both Randall and Hopkirk.

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