I have owned rats for over 16 years, and have been rescuing for about 9. I have a lot of experience with these animals. The information in these articles is drawn from those years of experience and research.
When I got my first rat, there was no internet, and information about these animals was scarce and, I now know, largely inaccurate. I would like to use my experience and knowledge to help new rat owners.
Feel free to email me if you have any rat questions that are not covered here. However, please remember, if you are seriously worried about your rat, take it to a vet. I am not online all the time and sometimes might take a day or two to get back to you.

Your first rat

Are rats for you?- Are rats the right pet for you? Some things to consider before you buy.
Buying your first rat- Where to go and what to look for
Choosing a good breeder- how to tell a good breeder from a poor one.
Male or Female?- The pros and cons of each
The importance of companionship- Why rats need other rats
Introductions- Introducing new rats to existing ones
Rats and kids- Are rats good pets for kids?

Rat behaviour

Aggression in rats- Why is my rat biting me?
Behaviour F.A.Q- Frequently asked questions about rat behaviour

Rat Care

Handling- How to handle a rat
Food- What to feed your rats
Housing- What kind of cage or enclosure is best?
Health- Common rat ailments and what to do about them
General rat F.A.Q- An F.A.Q on rats in general.
Breeding- To breed, or not to breed?


Rescue- About my rescue work, and info on adopting from me or surrendering rats to me.
Rescue F.A.Q- F.A.Q about my rescue and more details on what I do and do not do.
The problem with pet shops- Why not to buy a rat from a pet shop.
So you want to release your rat?- Why pet rats should never be released outside.
A warning about rehoming your rat via 'free ad' sites.- Do you know where they'll end up?
Vetting a rescue center/Supporting rescuers- How to tell a good rescue center from a bad one, and why rescuers rule!

My rats

Presley Ruble Taiga Kingdom Icarus Jeremy Edgar Papa Lazarou Dillinger Snape Vector Deckard Goujon Dreamweaver Brioche Crouton Vader Thor Crumb Vito Tripoli The Phantom Dali Cleo Delores Logan Ira Sacha Russell Cowboy Moloch the mystic Dr. Manhattan The Comedian Pagliacci Captain Morgan Truman Riker Geordi


Anka Humbug Trilby Elysium Captain Metropolis Nikita Wiggles Maximus Chino Riviere Caleb Art Mosley Exodus Valjean William Patrick Jericho Dreiberg Wisher Columbo Dominic Baby Stan Clifford Dirty Harry Worf Lando Dante El Niņo Godiva Diablo Vanya Javert Tarantino Lyra Larry Lord Flashheart Data Mr. Flibble Broadway Dakota Gorgeous George Pierre SwatCar Lore Ophelia Seraphim Cane Boston Subway Q Chuckie Otis Tommy Roly Riley Vegas Theo Leila Virginia Delta Spectre Midas Travolta Luke Picard Miles Doodlebug Murdoc Chase Jethro Strahm Hector Tyrus Perez Barney Walter Rorschach Alfie Mark Beau Dexter Stylo Lola Tallulah Moses Sinatra Elvis Scooter Mr. Blonde Cicero Pris Mortemain Forrest Mandylor Athena Pele Manhattan Hoffman Lorelai Memphis Rocket Man Agent Orange Angel Hopkirk Houdini Bowie Harlem Sgt. Pepper Latura Randall Hubert Cumberdale Hudson Rioanne Vinnie Lawrence Mirabelle Huey Henry Dara Bunty Reggie Aggie Kashmir Corbett Harvey Bella Stavros Captain Howdy Costas Cissie DeLorean Ada Murray Luciano Polly Lenny Cynthia Siren Roux Lollipop Warlock Gordon Freddie Giblet Bertie Ace Kyuss Matilda Moth Springer Herbie Kitt Ramsay Strudel Fry Carl Frasier Karni Jigsaw Mickey Marco Tuppence Queenie Eddie Jester Grout Zep Genghis Lulu Marjorie Silent Bob Chloe Frankie Milly Jay Josh Jacob Lotte The Stig Molly Nora Ruby Bess Olly Jerry JuJu Seven Iowa Fenris Gabriel Jack Attila Zero Syd Chi Floyd

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