I have owned rats for over 20 years, and have been rescuing for almost as long. The information in these articles is drawn from those years of experience and research.
When I got my first rat, there was no internet, and information about these animals was scarce and - I now know - largely inaccurate. I would like to use my experience and knowledge to help new rat owners.
Feel free to email me if you have any rat questions that are not covered here. I do my best to reply promptly, and messages regarding rats in need will take priority. However, I may take more time to respond to non-urgent mail.
Often, the things I am asked are regarding complex behavioural issues, and require more than a few lines of response; its not unusual for one email to take me half an hour or more to type out. This comes out of my limited free time, so please be patient.

If I have not responded to you after a week or so, please message again as occasionally messages will get caught in the spam filter or just missed entirely.

Your first rat

Are rats for you?- Are rats the right pet for you? Some things to consider before you buy.
Buying your first rat- Where to go and what to look for
Choosing a good breeder- how to tell a good breeder from a poor one.
Male or Female?- The pros and cons of each
The importance of companionship- Why rats need other rats
Introductions- Introducing new rats to existing ones
Rats and kids- Are rats good pets for kids?

Rat behaviour

Aggression in rats- Why is my rat biting me?
Behaviour F.A.Q- Frequently asked questions about rat behaviour

Rat Care

Handling- How to handle a rat
Food- What to feed your rats
Housing- What kind of cage or enclosure is best?
Health- Common rat ailments and what to do about them
General rat F.A.Q- An F.A.Q on rats in general.
Breeding- To breed, or not to breed?


Rescue- About my rescue work, and info on adopting from me or surrendering rats to me.
Rescue F.A.Q- F.A.Q about my rescue and more details on what I do and do not do.
The problem with pet shops- Why not to buy a rat from a pet shop.
So you want to release your rat?- Why pet rats should never be released outside.
A warning about rehoming your rat via 'free ad' sites.- Do you know where they'll end up?
Vetting a rescue center/Supporting rescuers- How to tell a good rescue center from a bad one, and why rescuers rule!

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