Gordon is a blue point siamese dumbo.

Gordon and Marco are somewhat linked.
When I adopted Marco, I was told he had originally lived with another rat, but the two had not gotten along and so had to be seperated, and the other rat was still at pets@home, waiting to be put up for adoption seperately.
Knowing full well that pets@home can't tell their arse from their elbow when it comes to rats, I was very suspicious of this apparent fighting between the two. I called daily to ask when the other rat would be put up for adoption, and one morning I was told he was.

I walked down to pets@home and there was Gordon, though they had named him 'prince'. Without a second thought, I adopted him too, and was eager for him to be reunited with Marco in the short time Marco had left. By this time, Marco was becoming quite ill, and was only a few days away from his euthanasia. Upon getting Gordon home, I let him meet Marco, interested in whether they would remember one another.
This is what they did:

It was clear that they remembered one another, and there was nothing but friendship between them.

Unfortunately, Marco had to be put to sleep a few days later, but Im happy that I gave him a few good days with his old friend.
Gordon began his life here as the group omega, and was quite similar in personality to Genghis. Though he wasn't quite so terrified of other rats as Genghis, and seemed a tad more laid back, he still got the brunt of everyone's anger. Particularly, he and Ramsay didn't get along. I put most of the antagonising down to Ramsay, as he tended to be a bit of a bully. The two were often seen sizing one another up or exchanging dirty looks.
As he got older, Gordon went from a timid, fairly unassuming rat into a bit of a bully. It seemed to coincide with when Ramsay died. Perhaps Ramsay was the one keeping him in line? But he began to pick on the other rats, seemingly without reason, and was causing my new babies to be very worried all the time. One night, he attacked Ace, leaving a small, but very deep, cut on his side which bled a lot. He was then seen attacking Freddie, the oldest and frailest rat in the group, and one that would never cause any trouble. I removed him from the group for a few days, hoping some time alone would let him settle down. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to work, and he was back to his old tricks again as soon as he was put back in. Unfortunately for Gordon, the only option other than a life in solitary confinement, was to be neutered.

Following his operation, there were no more problems with Gordon, and he returned to once again being a quiet, unassuming little rat. He was often found sleeping in with Kyuss, or the hairless boys.

One day, Gordon developed the sniffles, and he went onto baytril. However, this didn't seem to clear anything up, and one of his eyes also began weeping. We tried Antirobe, a different antibiotic, as the vet was suspicious of a growth behind his eye and wanted to keep infection at bay. This worked for a while, but he soon began having issues again. I took him back and opted for removal of the eye in question, and, hopefully, whatever was growing behind it.
This was always going to be an operation with an uncertain outcome. I opted for an x-ray prior to the surgery, so the vet could see what he was really dealing with, and what lay behind the eye.
Below, you can see Gordon's x-ray. The affected area is circled, and you can see a small, white area, indicating the growth:

The vet told me that he didn't think such a thing was operable, and that it wouldn't be in his best interests to put him through such a major operation.
So I kept Gordon on antibiotics for a few more weeks and tried to keep him comfortable, until one day, something must have ruptured behind his eye as he was covered in blood. I rushed him to the vet and had him euthanised.
Its sometimes hard to accept that you can't save everyone. I always try and give my rats the best chance, but sometimes things like this happen that you are powerless to do anything about. Its never easy.

Why Gordon? Another Gordon Ramsay reference, obviously. Plus, I thought it was funny for him to go from a proud name like Prince to something a bit more geeky :P

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