Godiva was a hairless.

Godiva came to me with Anka and 2 other girls. See Anka's page for their story.

Godiva was a lovely girl, more bold than either of her furry sisters. She was one of those girls who make me temporarily forget Im generally more of a buck person!
Godiva was a rat I thought I'd lost after an attack upon her by another.
After having Worf castrated, I decided to put him in with girls once he'd calmed down, as I thought they might be less threatening to him. He had a history of aggression toward bucks, so I thought does were the most logical option.
But many weeks after Worf was castrated, he still wasn't getting on with the girls to my liking on meetings. While he didn't hurt anyone, he'd do a lot of shuffling about, sniffing, fluffing and general stompy behaviour. But he tended to ignore the girls, even when they approached him. For him, this was actually progress, believe it or not.

So a few more meetings were conducted. Worf seemed to very gradually improve, and I was hopeful he was on the road to finally having a nice group. But unfortunately, for whatever reason, he suddenly took an extreme disike to Godiva during one intro session, and bundled her. It all happened in literally 2 or 3 seconds, but I grabbed her out of the way, and saw exactly how much damage Worf had managed to inflict in such a short time. His previous owner said she had experienced the same with him: very rapid attacks that cause a lot of damage.
He had bitten through her ankle, caused a deep scratch along her back, and most seriously of all, bitten into her throat. She had a wound which was pumping blood, and she very quickly closed her eyes and just went limp in my hand.
All in a matter of seconds.
I held tissue to her neck to stop the bleeding, and wrapped her up on my lap while Jon got her some warm honey water. For about a minute she remained motionless in my hand, and I honestly thought she had died at one stage.
But the bleeding stopped quickly, and and she gradually wobbled back into life. She drank several syringes of honey water, and I kept her warm.

Within 5 minutes, she was back to her old self, with no lasting damage. I was terrified when Worf bit her that he'd severed an artery in her neck and she was a goner. But the wound, while nasty, was not too serious, though it was probably down to luck rather than judgement that it didn't hit a major artery.
I kept her warm and seperated from the other girls for a couple of hours, to give her a chance to fully recover, then popped her back in with her friends. I think she may have gone into shock when the event happened, but fortunately she was back to her old self quickly.

Godiva had a problem with abscesses when she first arrived. They would pop up randomly on her body, with no entrance wound and no obvious cause, and seemed to occur anywhere. These would come up, and I'd either lance them and flush them out, or leave them to heal on their own, depending on how big they were. She always recovered from these quickly but another would soon pop up.
With hairless rats having the immune system problems they do, I wasn't overly surprised she had this issue. She also had a sore eye, which is not uncommon in hairless rats. It would often be weepy or have porphyrin around it, though it never did seem to bother her. I tried drops, but it only seemed to worsen. I was debating whether or not she would have to have the eye removed, but having put a hairless rat through this op before for the same problem, and having had him die a few days later, made me cautious about this. She clearly didn't have the best immune system to begin with.

As I was debating what to do, her eye seemed to simply fix itself. Much like Vegas it one day shrivelled up and disappeared, and she then had absolutely no further issues with it.
Curiously, since her eye healed up, she has also had no more issues with abscesses, which makes me wonder if the two were related.

Godiva died as a result of what I think were complications related to a stroke. One day, she seemed wobbly and her tongue was protruding from one side of her mouth. She was otherwise bright and eating well, so I assumed she had had a stroke and kept a close eye on her. However, she never really fully recovered from it, and began to show some other neurological issues. While she remained spirited and bright to the end, her body became frail and she died peacefully at home.

Why Godiva? What else should a naked female rat be called?

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