Giblet was a hairless.

Giblet was brother to Ace. See his page for their story.

Giblet was the smaller of the two, and he really was absolutely tiny. I think he must have been a 'runt', for wont of a better word, as he was certainly a lot smaller than his brother, and was often the same size, or smaller, than baby rats when they come in! But he was such a little joy to own. He was like a permanent kitten, and always playful and bouncy to the very end.

Unfortunately, like a lot of hairless, he suffered reoccuring eye problems in one of his eyes. It was constantly ulcerated, despite eye drops and courses of antibiotics.
In the end, I made the decision to have the offending eye removed.
Other than some initial swelling, Giblet came through the surgery well to begin with. But by the third day, he had managed to remove his sutures, and was left with a gaping hole in his head, which had gotten infected, despite the fact that he was on antibiotics at the time. He was taken straight back to the vet who said that there would be no use in restitching, as the wound had already begun to heal, and just to leave it open and continue on with the medication.
Giblet's wound did seem to heal, getting slightly smaller every day. He was given children's ibuprofen syrup to help with the pain and inflammation, and only a day before his death, he was pinging about his recovery cage and trying to play with Warlock. But the next night he went very flat; he was lethargic, not eating, not drinking, and seemed to have trouble breathing. It being in the middle of a heat wave, I thought he might be a bit hot, so cooled him down but soon realised this wasn't the problem. He was, in fact, quite cold to the touch and his colour was poor.
I syringed him some fluids and decided to see how he was in the morning. By morning, he was virtually dead. There was nothing anyone could have done at that point; he had given up. His breathing was very poor and his colour was grey. He died not long after. He had no prior history of breathing problems or illness.

Giblet died only days after Bertie, so it was a horrible time for me. I still don't know what caused Giblet's death. He seemed to be healing so well, but I can only assume it was related to the operation, possibly a heart attack. He'd always been a small rat, probably the 'runt' of his litter, so perhaps didn't have the immunity and defenses that another rat might have had. He had previously had another operation to remove the tip of his tail, and he'd come through that one perfectly, so I suppose I'll never really know.
I was crushed over his death, and will openly admit I felt somewhat responsible because it was I who chose to put him through an operation. However, it was that, or live with a permanently sore eye so I felt I had little choice. He, like his brother Ace died far too young, of unconfirmed causes. A part of me wonders if he would have done better had he been a furred rat, knowing how poor a hairless rat's immunity generally is when compared to a furred rat.

He will be sorely missed. He was my eternal baby. Run free, little one.

Why Giblet? My mum is a chef and often suggests food related names for my rats. Giblet stuck because he actually did look like a little giblet!

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