Geordi is a black berkshire dumbo.

Geordi was one of 8 rats I took in from a girl who was moving and could not take them with her. They were all very well cared for, they just needed somewhere to go.
For this group, I kept Geordi, Riker, Dakota, Dirty Harry and El Nino.
The other three went to Sidney's Safe House rat rescue in Ipswich, run by a friend of mine.

Geordi, like all the adult rats from this rescue, is a lovely, cuddly, outgoing boy with people. He has a fascination with cameras, and will stick his nose directly in the lens most of the time. I've delted so many pictures of him which are just a blurry nose and some whiskers!
As he reached adolescence, Geordi began to show quite sudden signs of aggression toward his cage mates. I went into the shed one day to see Otis bleeding from several bites to his lower back. He was the only rat that had been targeted. At first, I had no way of knowing which rat was responsible; they'd all always gotten on before without any issues. Though, in all honesty, Geordi was my prime suspect from the start. He was the only rat in that group with an outgoing enough temperament to do this.
I seperated Otis at first, to give him a chance to heal, and see if I could work out exactly who had done this to him. Next clean out day, it became clear that my suspicions about Geordi were correct, and he was showing a lot of signs typical of an overly hormonal buck: bristling his fur as he walked about, rubbing his scent glands onto everything, and sidling and resisting when I attempted to pick him up. I then saw him bundle and pin George which was something I wasn't going to tolerate, given George's fragility and inability to fight back.

Geordi was taken out, and Otis put back in. Otis wasn't the problem, and the other rats accepted him back straight away. Geordi was booked in for a castrate, which went smoothly. Eventually, he was housed with the girls, alongside his brother, Riker.
Riker was also castrated for aggression to other rats, and as these two are brothers, it strongly suggests something in the genes with these rats.
Castration did the world of good for Geordi and he became a lovely, gentle rat again within two weeks, quite a short period of time. He is now no bother whatsoever, and is a happy, relaxed boy.

Why Geordi? Continuing my Star Trek TNG theme.

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