Frankie was a black hooded.

Frankie and her sister Bess came along as another couple of rescues referred to me from the RSPCA.

Both had been much loved by their previous owner but it turned out her husband was allergic to them and she could no longer keep them.
Frankie was such a fun doe. She was full of life, full of energy and she made life as difficult as she possibly could! She was one of those does who would go absolutely insane when they're in season, and she would run around all the boy's cages, fluttering her ears and flirting madly with them. It was hilarious to watch.
Frankie was always somewhat overweight, from the day I got her as I think she was the favourite of the previous owner!

Frankie developed what was most likely a pituitary tumor. She began to lose condition, find movement difficult, and couldn't use her front paws well. She was eventually euthanised, and it was really sad to see such a feisty, cocky little doe turned into a skinny, ill one :(

Why Frankie? Frankie came to me with the name 'Sia', supposedly after an egyptian goddess. I usually like to change the names of my rescue rats if they don't know their names already, just because I feel it establishes them better as one of the group and having a new life. I chose the name Frankie as Sia seemed far too elegant and pretty for such a cheeky little doe. Frankie just struck me as a name that had a bit of attitude.

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