03.07.04 - 30.05.06

Fenris was a Russian blue agouti and the son of Seven. He was the smallest of his litter. The picture below shows how tiny he was compared to one of his brothers:

Photo by Shunamite Rats

Fenris was a small but perfectly proportioned little rat. He was never quite as bold as his brother Iowa and took on the role as omega. He was very independant and loved exploring.

Fenris had a respiratory issue which resulted in him having to be put to sleep. It came on very quickly and less than a day after I realised he wasn't himself, he was gone. Its most likely that myco was the cause of his problems, as he had been on antibiotic treatment for it in the past. His death came only 24 days after his brother Iowa. Fenris was a lovely gentle little rat and will be missed.

Why Fenris? Initially, I was comitted to giving Fenris a Norwegian name. However, after huge amounts of searching, I came up with nothing that struck me as right. For a day or so, he was called Arkin, which means 'the eternal king's son'. Perfect meaning, but I couldn't see him as an Arkin. So I gave up on the idea of a Norwegian name and turned toward Norse Mythology. I had always liked the name Fenris, and had even toyed with naming Gabriel Fenris when I got him. Fenris was a giant Wolf in Norse Mythology, the son of Loki. It seemed to suit him so he became Fenris.

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