Elysium was a black hoodie dumbo.

Elysium came to me after someone called me to say she had two boys she needed to find homes for, on account of not having enough time for them any more.
Elysium and his brother Exodus had been well cared for and had a nice cage with hammocks and toys; they just needed a new place to go.

Elysium was the more timid of the two, and I don't have too many photos of him! He was a quiet, reserved rat who keept himself to himself, but he mixed well with other rats. He was involved in a scuffle in later life whereupon he injured his eye and subsequently lost it. This never affected him much, though, and he had a peaceful retirement. He passed away from what seemed to be a combination of neurological problems/brain tumour and pneumonia.

Why Elysium? I like 'real word' names for animals, for some reason. Elysium is the dwelling place of the blessed after death in Greek mythology.

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