Elvis was a russian blue mismarked berkshire.

Elvis came to me with Alfie.
They were both owned by a family who loved them dearly, but were no longer able to look after them. They actually drove the rats to me, and were clearly very fond of them.
And both rats were in fabulous condition, and, as they'd been used to being handled by young children, were pretty bomb-proof and nothing seemed to phase them. It makes a nice change to have rats like this come in!

Elvis always acted like a bolshy little rat from a young age, but he never had the brass to back it up when he was small. He liked to come off as the boss and like he was a tough guy, but he was a coward really.
Over time, as he got bigger and more confident, his cocky teen behaviour became more serious, and he began to physically harm his cage mates, as well as terrorise them. In the end, we had no option but to castrate Elvis.
He came through the op wonderfully, and soon settled into a lovely, steady rat. He always retained his 'spark', even when castrated, but he never again caused fights or damage to any other rats.

Elvis developed a mass on his back, just over his shoulder blades. This started off small, and I assumed it was an abscess and it would resolve itself. As days past, it became apparent this was not an abscess, as it had increased in size a lot and was very firm.
I took Elvis to the vet, and it was confirmed it was not an abscess, but more likely a tumour. While I would have been happy to operate, the vet told me the mass was so firmly attached, and in such a delicate area that an operation, particularly at the age Elvis was, would be very risky.
I didn't really have an option but to let Elvis live out the last of his days and have him put to sleep when the lump became too large.
It was a very sad situation, for me, because Elvis was still licky and had a good appetite right up to the day I had to have him euthanized. But the lump ended up very large, bigger than his head, and I had to draw the line, despite his demeanour. Rats can hide discomfort expertly, and I did not wish to wait until he was clearly suffering before I made the decision.

Why Elvis? Because he was so handsome!

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