El Niņo

El Niņo was a mismarked siamese dumbo with a blaze.

El Niņo was one of 8 rats I took in from a girl who was moving and could not take them with her. They were all very well cared for, they just needed somewhere to go.
For this group, I kept Riker, Geordi, Dakota, Dirty Harry and El Nino.
The other three went to Sidney's Safe House rat rescue in Ipswich, run by a friend of mine.

El Niņo was a beautiful rat, I've not seen many rats with his markings. He was always lovely, from day one. He got on with other rats wonderfully, and didn't object to a cuddle either. He was one of those big, squishy bucks that everyone wants to own. He was quite lazy, and lived for his food, resulting in him gaining quite a bit of weight in his later months, though I confidently believe this was of benefit to him during his illness, as he did not drop weight half as quickly as the leaner rats. El Niņo was one of 4 rats affected by what we assume was CK. He got a few months of extra life on medication, but eventually, this stopped working as effectively and he died peacefully at home.

Why El Niņo? No specific reason other than it always seemed a cool name for a rat.

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