Eddie was a patched rat, or possibly a mismarked capped.

Eddie came to me, along with his brother Zep to give Jigsaw some company. Jigsaw was an extremely playful young rat, and at the time was living with older boys who were not tolerating his exuberance, so he needed some babies to play with.

Zep and Eddie were put up on the rehoming forum and were the result of p@h mis-sexing their rats, resulting in an unplanned litter. A worker from the branch took the pregnant mum home and fostered her and her litter, then found new homes for them.

I've always adored splodgy black and white rats, and when I saw him on the rehoming forum, it seemed the perfect opportunity to get Jigsaw some babies to play with.
Zep and Eddie were both quite nervous on arrival, but I was told that being with older rats really brought them out of their shells, and this was very true.
The second they met Jigsaw they were both bold enough to come out of my pocket and explore, trailing along behind him and going everywhere he went. And Jigsaw, of course, was fantastic with them and took on the mummy role happily.

Eddie was the more cautious of the two. He prefered to hang back and let Zep investigate things before he did. He was noticably more serious than Zep. While Zep could be a bit of a clown and loved to hand wrestle, Eddie found the whole thing a bit too rough and prefered to keep himself to himself.
In his youth, Eddie was a simple, no fuss boy who I could usually trust to accept new rats without problems. When Zep died, he was seemed to take on a different persona, and became rather dominant. He was never a serious problem with other rats, but he did learn to throw his weight about a bit more. Eddie was one of those cases where the rat is never the same once they lose a companion. After Zep's death, he became more withdrawn, more anxious, and less outgoing. Although he had lots of other friends, it seemed he missed his brother.

Not too long after Zep's death, Eddie began showing signs of a pituitary tumour; the first time I'd ever seen such a thing in a buck. He died at home, seemingly in his sleep.

Why Eddie? Eddie was named after the dog from Frasier. I'd been thinking about what to call him for a few days, then woke up one night with the name 'eddie' in my head. Apparently I'd fallen asleep watching Frasier as it was on when I woke up. Curiously, after I'd named him, several people told me they had thought he looked like an Eddie upon seeing him for the first time.

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