Dr. Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan is a blue berkshire dumbo.

Dr. Manhattan, and his friend Dreiberg, came to me from another rescuer who had just taken a large number of rats out of a terrible situation. She had taken one large group out of there, but needed to go back to rescue the others, so she had to home the first group before she'd have space to do that.
I offered to take two boys, and all the rest of the original group were quickly spoken for, too, allowing her to go and remove the second lot of rats.

Though the situation was somewhat sketchy, it seems that these rats had been kept by a man who had become 'overwhelmed' by the numbers. He also owned snakes, so it was reasonable to presume that a lot of these rats were destined as snake food.
The conditions were reportedly horrendous.

Dr. Manhattan, despite his bad start in life, is remarkably well adjusted. Fortunately, babies have a better chance of bouncing back than the older rats. He was a little timid when he first arrived, but he and Dreiberg were introduced to The Comedian's group, as they were the same age, and since then this boy has really come out of his shell.
He is still a quiet, patient, gentle rat who can be prone to being a little timid, but he is a sweet boy who causes no problems and is very well loved.

Why Dr. Manhattan? Continuing my Watchmen theme, it seemed silly to not call a blue rat Dr. Manhattan!

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