Dreiberg is a black berkshire dumbo.

Dreiberg, and his friend Dr. Manhattan, came to me from another rescuer who had just taken a large number of rats out of a terrible situation. She had taken one large group out of there, but needed to go back to rescue the others, so she had to home the first group before she'd have space to do that.
I offered to take two boys, and all the rest of the original group were quickly spoken for, too, allowing her to go and remove the second lot of rats.

Though the situation was somewhat sketchy, it seems that these rats had been kept by a man who had become 'overwhelmed' by the numbers. He also owned snakes, so it was reasonable to presume that a lot of these rats were destined as snake food.
The conditions were reportedly horrendous.

Dreiberg is a very timid, very shy little rat. He is also extremely small, and has not grown much when the other babies are all turning into big boys around him.
He has unusually big eyes, which doesn't help his frightened appearance, and he tends to huddle in fear of anything new. He is always found at the very bottom of the rat pile, which is where the babies and most vulnerable rats tend to be.

I don't expect Dreiberg will ever be a very outgoing or confident rat, nor do I, sadly, anticipate that he'll make a very old age. I have had very small, snake-food babies in before like him, and not many of them have managed to reach a good, or even average age. Im seriously hoping Dreiberg proves me wrong, and he is certainly in good health currently. He is just very small, and very concerned about everything in life. He has improved somewhat, and can now be handled without trying to leap out of your hands.
However, he seems happy around all the other youngsters, and they seem to take care of him, so as long as he is happy, that is all that matters.

Why Dreiberg? After Dan Dreiberg, aka Nite Owl, from Watchmen.

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