Dominic is a silvered black dumbo.

Dominic and his brother/friend Tarantino came to me after a call from a member of the public. His job was taking up more of his time, and he found himself unable to give the rats the attention they needed.
He was clearly very fond of them, and they are both in fabulous condition, which is a very nice thing to see!

Dominic is a truly gorgeous little rat. He is a typical fiesty young buck. He likes to hand wrestle (but stops for lick breaks every so often!), stomps about like he owns the place when other boys are around, and loves to be out of his cage exploring. I have bonded to him very strongly already. Sometimes you get rats like this, and you kind of know within only few hours that they're going to be special. Dominic is one of these rats. He is going to blossom into a lovely boy.

Why Dominic? I named him after Costas Mandylor's character 'Dominic Delaserra' in the movie 'almost dead'.

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