Diablo was a marten.

Diablo was one of those rare occasions upon which I take on a breeder rat. I like to have the occasional breeder rat here and there, and if there is a variety I fancy, I will do just that.
I'd wanted a Marten since I first saw the variety. They appealed to me instantly, and are so striking. But it was a while after the variety popped up that I got Diablo.
He came from Ann Storey of Rivendell stud.

Diablo was a stunning boy, but I used to call him my stroppy teenager because while he was a star with other rats, he decided when he and I had cuddles! And if he wasn't in the mood, he'd make himself scarce. And if he did have to have a snuggle against his wishes, you could almost see the 'oh god mum, not in front of my friends!' look on his face!

Diablo grew into a big, chilled out boy, but he did get rather weighty as he grew and I never seemed to be able to get him to lose it.

Diablo died as a result of what we suspect was CK. We had several rats come down with signs of this, and despite treatments, only one survived. Diablo was one of the quickest and most severely affected. A necropsy on his body showed abscessed lungs very similar to CK, as did necropsies on one of the others who passed.

Why Diablo? When the Marten variety first popped up, they were called 'red eyed devils'. The rat community generally didn't like this name as they felt that rats didn't need any more negative associations. So it was renamed 'marten' after the rabbit variety. But I have to admit to secretly always liking the name 'red eyed devils', so had to give my one a demonic name!

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