Delores is a black berkshire.

Delores came to me with Cleo.
These girls were yet more examples of why rats should not be bought for children without real consideration first.
These girls had not been in their home for long, but Cleo was a biter. This had made their young owner scared to handle them, and the mum felt it would be better for the rats to go to someone with more experience. To their credit, the owners had provided the girls with a nice big cage, and they were looking after them well, they just didn't feel they could deal with a rat with Cleo's temperament.

Upon getting them home, it was clear that Delores was very timid. She would, and still does a lot of the time, hide up in her tube or igloo and wasn't keen on being handled. She does not bite, however. She is very much a 'rat's rat' and can take or leave human interaction. She seems to be happiest when cuddled up with her cage mates. She is a very beautiful rat, and very petite, and also still very young.

Why Delores? I've always liked this name for a girl rat, and finally got a rat it suited!

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