DeLorean was a Pink Eyed White.

Unfrotunately, I did not have DeLorean long enough to even get a picture of her.
She was given to me by a member of the public who told me she could not keep her as she was a biter, and had bitten her child.
She actually told me the rat was male, but as soon as I looked at her, it was obvious she was female, and she was very small.

The owner was your typical clueless individual who had purchased an animal without being prepared to take responsibility for her. She even told me she was prepared to either have her put to sleep, or release her into the wild because, in her words, 'they're basically wild animals and can survive, can't they?'. Please read this article to understand why this is not true!

Upon getting DeLorean home, it was apparent that she was blind, or, at least, had very poor vision. This may have explained her biting, as the child would often just grab hold of her while she was sleeping, which would obviously startle her. I don't blame her for nipping!
However, once home with me, and treated gently and carefully, she never, ever made any attempt to bite.

Attempts to introduce her to my other girls didn't go very smoothly. She seemed terrified of other rats, and made no attempt to integrate, which in turn made the other girls warey and suspicious of her. She would sleep on her own, and never managed to bond with any other rats.
After only a week or so, she had what seemed to be a stroke, and became limp and lethargic. As with a lot of strokes in rats, she recovered on her own but soon had another (this tends to be the way with rats). It became clear that she would not recover from this one, and I had her euthanised.

Why DeLorean? My favourite car! Also the title of a song by 'Team Sleep'.

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