Deckard is a Russian blue agouti hoodie.

Deckard is one of three babies my husband adopted from the Pets At Home adoption centre for me. The others were Snape and Vector.
However, there was a practical reason for adopting this trio.
At the time, we were having huge problems with one of the older boys, Chino. He had gone from living peacefully in a group, to attacking every rat he saw, even rats he'd lived with for a year or more and had always been friends with. See Chino's page for more information on this, but the bottom line was that we were running out of options with Chino. No-one wanted to see him live alone, but he was too old to risk a castrate on, and too aggressive to risk housing with other rats. In a last ditch attempt, we wondered if he would take to babies.
I have to be honest and say I wasn't particularly hopeful.
In my experience, most rats that are aggressive to adult rats are also aggressive to babies. But we tried a very careful, controlled intro with Chino and these three kiddies, and the results were amazing.
Chino accepted these rats perfectly well, even let them push him around and pester him without a cross word. So these babies were very important, and I truely believe that if we hadn't taken them on, Chino might still be living alone.

All three of these babies were outgoing and friendly, though Deckard appears to be the thinker of the group!

Why Deckard? Blade Runner is one of my favourite movies, and I'd just been waiting for the right right to name Deckard.

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