Dakota was a roan husky.

Dakota was one of 8 rats I took in from a girl who was moving and could not take them with her. They were all very well cared for, they just needed somewhere to go.
For this group, I kept Riker, Geordi, Dakota, Dirty Harry and El Niņo.
The other three went to Sidney's Safe House rat rescue in Ipswich, run by a friend of mine.

Dakota, like his brother El Niņo, was a gentle, loving rat. He got on with everyone.
Unfortunately, he suffered a bout of head tilt, and so had a permanent tilt for the rest of his life, though it did not affect his quality of life.

Dakota was a victim of Vanya. Please see his page for details. But, like the others, he recieved one small nip from Vanya, and died 48 hours later. He was originally attacked at the same time as George so taken into the hopsital cage with him, indoors. After George died, Dakota went into a very deep depression, and I did not even get the chance to introduce him to someone new, he passed away around 12 hours after George. It was all so sad.

Why Dakota? Jon named him.

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