Cynthia was a striped roan

Cynthia arrived with Siren.

Cynthia and he friend/sister, Siren, were two of three rats dumped outside the gates of the vets I was working at at the time.
The three were left in an empty, damp carrier, all in terrible condition. One of the girls had a growth so large that I had no choice but to have her euthanised that same day. Below, you can see the girl in question:

I was so shocked at the size of the lump, and had originally thought it was another rat in the carrier with them, until I picked her up. Whoever dumped these rats could have brought them to me several months ago when the lump was an operable size, and this girl may have been saved. However, she was in such poor condition by the time I got her, that putting her to sleep was the only humane option.

Cynthia and Siren were not in good condition either, but they were the lucky ones. Cynthia was riddled with scabs from an untreated mite infestation, and had a bad respiratory infection which had been left untreated for so long that it had permanently scarred her lungs.
Despite antibiotic treatment, she never improved.
However, her skin did clear up, and she soon had a nice glossy coat, and began to put on weight. However, her respiratory problems always held her back from having a normal, active life. She was only with me a few months before she suffered a sudden prolapse/hernia and died a few hours later.

She was likely a very old rat, as all the girls appeared elderly, and I like to think I have her a few good weeks of life with lots of food and without sore skin.
All it would have taken would have been a call to me a few months prior, but whoever owned these rats decided to instead let them suffer then dump them when they got too much trouble.
I sincerely hope that whoever did this to her and her friends gets whats coming to them.

Why Cynthia? Cynthia was named by my mum, who had always liked the name!

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