Crumb is an argente creme dumbo.

Crumb is a baby I kept from a litter I fostered for a friend of mine. I'd been wanting to foster a litter for a while, because doing rescue, I rarely get the opportunity to enjoy that side of rat ownership. So I get to experience the birth, watching them grow, get to play with lots of lovely babies, then hand them back! Perfect!
So Crumb's mum, Seren, came to live here and have her litter. She gave birth to 7 babies, but one was either stillborn, or died soon after being born. Another one was born much smaller, and failed to thrive, and sadly passed away at a week of age.

So we ended up with 5: 2 girls, and 3 boys.
As the babies grew, we realised one of them had dumbo ears, which we'd not been expecting! Long story short was that Crumb became mine!
Below are some pictures of him from birth to when his eyes opened at 14 days:

Crumb is a very special rat, to me. He is the only rat I own that I have raised from day one, that I saw born, and have handled every day since his birth. I was actually holding him the day he opened his eyes, and was one of the first things he saw.
His temperament is absolutely perfect. He's cuddly, mellow, licky, and so sweet.

The other thing that gets me about him is how much he resembles my past heart-rat, Mandylor, not just in looks but in personality. It seems almost like it was fate for him to be born here, and remain here.

Crumb lives with Patrick, Crouton, and Brioche in my bedroom. Yep, they're bedroom rats! At the time Crumb was getting old enough to be moved into a group, we had a bout of some kind of respiratory bacteria/virus in the rat shed, suspected to be CK. There was no way I was moving Crumb out there until we had isolated what it was, or it had run its course. He was, and is, just too precious to me to risk.
Around that time, we also had Patrick come in, and it became clear he would benefit from being an indoor rat due to a number of issues, so we made the decision to have both Crumb and Patrick as indoor only rats. So they, and the two youngsters we took on to be same age company for Crumb, live in our bedroom.

Crumb is a wonderful rat, and I look forward to many happy years with him, and cannot wait to see him all grown up!

Why Crumb? Crumb was an adorable baby, everyone thought so, and I couldn't bring myself to give him anything other than an adorable name; nothing else would fit him! Crumb came to me because he was small and biscuit coloured, and I just felt it was a suitably cute name for him!

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