Crouton is a champagne.

Crouton is brother to Crumb, but was not originally going to stay here. He was originally given back to my friend who bred him to be potentially used for breeding/show. However, as he got older, his colouration turned out to be unsuitable for both. So my friend asked whether I would like to have him to keep with Crumb. And of course I wasn't going to say no!
I'd only been away from Crouton a short while when he was offered back to me, but already I was shocked by how much he'd grown. He was noticably bigger than his brother, Crumb. Crouton has remained a big rat, but he is still very much a kid in his head! Its funny watching this enormous rat leaping about on the bed like a kitten. Crouton is a gentle giant, very licky, cuddly and sweet. I don't think he's the brightest rat I've ever owned, but he more than makes up for that with his good looks and sweet nature!

Why Crouton? Crouton was a name I'd heard once in a rat community and always thought it was adorable. I just hadn't found the right rat to use it on, but since we already had Crumb, it seemed a nice idea to stick with a bready theme!

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