Corbett was a silver fawn rex.

Corbett was given to me by a member of the public who had developed an allergy to him. He was supposed to come with his brother, but the other rat had died of a severe lung problem a few days before.
Corbett was a lovely old boy, very overweight, but at the time in his life where trying to get him to lose any would be pointless. He went straight in with the other rats without much issue, and was always peaceful, calm and gentle. He was particularly good with young rats, who liked climbing on him!

Unfortunately, I didn't have Corbett for long. A few weeks after he arrived, he showed very sudden breathing issues and respiratory problems, though he was still eating and behaving pretty normally. I made him a vet appointment for the next morning, by which time he had gone downhill a lot, and could barely get up. I had him put to sleep to end his suffering. Its likely that whatever caused the death of his brother was genetic and simply took Corbett too.
I was sad to lose him, as he was a lovely old squish and had just begun to find his feet in the group when it happened.

Why Corbett? This was the name he came with. He was originally one of a pair, Corbett and Barker, after the Two Ronnies.

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