Cissie was a faded striped roan.

Cissie came to me with ada and Polly.
Cissie, like Ada, was quite a timid rat, having not gotten the handling she should have done. She was, however, the braver of the two and seemed to have more social skills with other rats.
Her previous owner claimed never to have gotten attached to her or felt a bond with her. This is a bit of a double edged sword; nervous rats need a lot of handling to become bonded to their owner, but some people don't feel a drive to interact with a nervous rat.

Cissie developed what was suspected to be a pituitary tumour, and within a week, had to be put to sleep. When Ada had her lump removal, she was temporarily removed from the cage while she recovered, and it was at this time that Cissie began to fall ill. At first I thought she may have been pining, but she never recovered.

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