Chuckie was a black blazed berkshire.

Chuckie came to me from Tina at Hellstorm rats.
Blazed berkshires are one of my absolute favourite rat varieties, but I've only ever owned two in my whole rat-keeping life. A black berkshire had been my dream rat for a long time.
So when Tina offered me one, I didn't even have to think about it!

Chuckie was an adorable little boy, and though a little timid at first, he totally came out of himself as he got older. He was gentle, mellow, amiable and never caused any trouble in the cage. He blossomed into a lovely boy, but sadly passed away from some kind of sudden onset respiratory problem.

Why Chuckie? Rats as cute as Chuckie are often hard to name because you're tempted to give them gooey, coochie-coo names that might be great at the time, but won't suit them as much when they're huge! I told Jon I wanted him to have a cute name, and he suggested Chuckles, which quickly threw the name Chuckie into my head.

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