Chloe was a roan/husky.

Chloe was found straying in a house. When the new residents moved in, they found her living in the back of the armchair. The husband caught her in a net, and was about to kill her when a neighbour intervened and stopped him. This lady took the rat in to prevent him killing it, and she called me. Much as she didn't want to see it killed, she wasn't keen on rats and didn't want to keep her.

Chloe was originally not a rat who liked to be cuddled, but she mellowed out an awful lot in her old age. At first she wasn't keen on being held, though she would tolerate it. When I first got her, she nipped and drew blood on a few occasions. Over time, she became much much better, and although she would still 'test' a finger with her teeth from time to time, particularly when in the cage, she wasn't aggressive. She simply hadn't been handled properly in the past and didn't realise hands weren't a bad thing. She had some deep scarring on her tail, it almost looked like she had caught it in something, as it was also kinked halfway along.
Chloe lived happily in the big cage with the other girls. She used to be quite a dominant rat when she was younger, and was always the one rat who would cause problems if any new girls needed to be added. But she settled down in her old age and adding new girls was no longer a problem.

Chloe developed a tumour in her groin area. Coupled with this, she had some respiratory issues, presumed by my vet to be related to the tumour and likely indicative of it having spread to her lungs. She was later euthanised.

Why Chloe? My mum suggested it for her, and it just stuck. No real reason.

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