Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan is an agouti berkshire.

Captain Morgan is one of 8 baby boys I took on from a member of the public who had been sold two rats by a pet shop which she thought were boys, and had popped in with her resident boy as friends.
They turned out to be female, and two litters were born. Originally, I said I could only take 4 of the babies, but when I arrived, all 8 were loaded into my carrier! In fact, I had no idea how many I had until I got into the car and counted them up.
The owner had told me there were originally 9 babies, but one had 'gone missing' during a free range, and was presumed to be roaming the house somewhere, but to the best of my knowledge, he was never found :(

So, as well as Captain Morgan, I took Trilby, Wiggles, The Comedian, Pagliacci, Nikita, Wisher and Captain Metropolis.

Captain Morgan was the 'no nonsense' member of the group.
He would hang back at free range, like he was watching over everyone else, and had a kind of 'seriousness' to him. I rarely saw him play with the others, he would prefer to keep out of it. If he did explore, it was independantly of the other babies. While he sleeps in big piles with them, and likes to have his friends near, he is still an independant little rat. He is very calm and acts as almost a 'peacemaker' in the group.

Why Captain Morgan? It was a name that had been on my list for a while, but when I realised this boy's personality, I felt he needed an 'official' sounding name. And as he was brown, Captain Morgan fit him.

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