Captain Metropolis

Captain Metropolis was a roan.

Metropolis is one of 8 baby boys I took on from a member of the public who had been sold two rats by a pet shop which she thought were boys, and had popped in with her resident boy as friends.
They turned out to be female, and two litters were born. Originally, I said I could only take 4 of the babies, but when I arrived, all 8 were loaded into my carrier! In fact, I had no idea how many I had until I got into the car and counted them up.
The owner had told me there were originally 9 babies, but one had 'gone missing' during a free range, and was presumed to be roaming the house somewhere, but to the best of my knowledge, he was never found :(

So, as well as Captain Metropolis, I took Captain Morgan, Wiggles, The Comedian, Trilby, Nikita, Wisher and Pagliacci.

Captain Metropolis was quite an independant rat, quiet yet always interested in what was going on around him.
Captain Metropolis was the first roan I'd had from such a tiny baby, so I took several photos over time documenting his coat change. People tend not to believe me when I tell them their roan rat will likely turn completely white in time, so I took a few snaps to show the changes.
Below is one of the first photos I took of Metropolis when he arrived:

He doesn't look like the same rat as the picture at the top of this page at all, does he? Its quite surprising how quickly they can lose this colouring. He is about 7 weeks in the baby pic, and about a year in the adult one.

Captain Metropolis, like his brothers who have also passed, died suddenly at home after no, or a very short, illness.

Why Captain Metropolis? I was going for a Watchmen theme with some of these babies. Captain Metropolis was a minor character in the series, and appears very briefly in the movie.

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