Bunty is a black hooded

Bunty, along with her friend Mirabelle came to me from a member of the public who claimed a new baby was forcing him to rehome his rats. He told me he was worried about them giving the baby weil's disease, and the midwife had encouraged him in his decision.
I didn't even bother trying to explain how its only wild rats that can carry this disease, not domestic. But it is frustrating when this kind of ignorance is spread about. Im willing to bet that the midwife who peddled this scaremongering knew less than nothing about rats, other than the fact that she thought they were icky. She probably thought they spread plague, too.

But as far as Bunty and Mirabelle were concerned, it was in their favour as they now have a lovely life with a huge cage, lots of toys, and lots of other girls to play with.

The previous owner told me that Bunty was a biter, and that she would draw blood without a second thought.
Once again, as has been the case in 100% of the rats I've been told this about, she has never attempted to bite.
She is a typical baby doe; very hyper, very excitable, very pushy, but a lovely little girl. She adores her wheel, and will run enthusiastically for minutes at a time. She was very thin when she arrived but is steadily getting up to a more suitable weight. I don't think she'll ever be a big rat, she is very lean.
While she seems impartial to being handled, she is in no way aggressive and you can easily pick her up; she just wants to be on the go the whole time and prefers to explore than be restrained.

Why Bunty? After the Catherine Tate character, Bunty Carmichael. I was watching a sketch featuring her one night and thought it was a wonderful name for a doe!

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