Broadway was an agouti hooded.

Broadway came to me with Subway. See his page for their story.

Broadway was easily the most mischievous of the four. He was the only rat who learned to get his head through the bars, and to actually squeeze through them to escape. No other rat did this, though his brothers were all also small enough to do so if they wanted.
On several occasions, I went to the rat shed to find Broadway huddled in the blankets on top of the cage rather than being in it!

In fact, he ended up being the only rat here to father a litter, due to escaping his cage. You can read more about that on Spectre's page.

Broadway, like most of his brothers, and his kids, was cursed with poor genes and heart problems. While he lived to a better age than his children or a couple of his brothers, he eventually succumbed to suspected heart failure.

Why Broadway? I had a semi-theme at the time of naming my rats after places in New York, or New York related things.

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