Bowie was a Pink Eyed White.

I adopted Bowie when he was only around 10 weeks old, but by this time he had already been in three different homes.
He was originally purchased from a 'breeder', along with two others, by a first time rat owner. Reports of the 'breeder' in question were not good, and included stories of her holding the rats by the tail and worse. Indeed, Bowie had a degloving injury on the end of his tail, consistent with being picked up in this way.

The new owner didn't have much experience with rats, and Bowie was very aggressive toward his cage mates, inflicting injury on them. The owner decided she couldn't cope with his behaviour toward the others, and her, so she passed him on to a rescuer.
With this rescuer, he was given the vet care he needed to remove the dead tip of his tail, and he was also castrated to curb his aggression toward other rats. According to this rescuer, he was very difficult to handle and needed a lot of work.
From here, I heard of him and decided to take him on, as I enjoy rats that have behavioural issues.

When he arrived, Bowie seemed to go in with the other boys without much issue, though he did definately need work on his relationship with people.

As time went on, he became much easier to handle, and even became a bit of a licky rat in his later years.

Bowie lived to a very good age, but began to suffer with hind leg degeneration in his second year, and also developed cataracts. He needed a little bit of extra TLC to keep clean, and had to have the cage adjusted so he could get around, but he was happy and a good eater.
I found Bowie dead in his cage one day, and he seemed to have died in his sleep. It wasn't completely unexpected, given his age and other medical problems.
He was a lovely old boy, and will be very missed.

Why Bowie? When I got him, he was very thin, and white, hence a reference to the thin, white duke! However, he became a bit of a chunk in his later months so perhaps the name didn't fit as well then!

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