Silent Bob

? - 21.12.07

Silent Bob was a black hooded.

Bob and his cage mate Jay came to me as rescues. See Jay's page for their story.

Silent Bob was always the kind of rat who kept himself to himself. He tolerated handling and fussing with good humor, but could happily live without it. He was rather like a stubborn old man who knew how he liked things and was happy to be left to get on with it!
Jay and Bob had been together forever, so when Jay died I was worried Bob wouldn't cope. I made the decision to get him straight into a new group and not leave him on his own for any longer than I had to. Fortunately, my big group of boys is somewhat exceptional in that they seem to welcome any newcomers without issue. Bob went into the group wonderfully, and was soon sleeping cuddled up to 10 other cage mates!

Bob lived happily like this for perhaps a month or two, then I came down one morning to find him dead in the cage. He seemed to have died while he was asleep. He was frail and elderly, with weak hind legs, but was otherwise a bright, healthy rat so although it wasn't totally unexpected, I hadn't expected it to happen so suddenly.

Bob was a grumpy old sod, but, like all rats, was gentle with it.

Why Bob? I like Kevin Smith movies.

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