Bella was a mink berkshire.

Bella was given to me by a member of the public who was clearly attached to her, but was unable to keep her due to a change in circumstances.
Bella had been kept alone, so was quite a bully when she met the other girls, clearly used to having her own way and not happy to share! However, over time, she realised how much fun it is to have companions, and she became the alpha of the group for a period.

At one point, Bella had surgery to remove a small lump that appeared under her front leg, and she came through it brilliantly and, fortunately, had no further problems with it.

Sometimes, Bella got called 'Boy Bella' because of her similarity in appearance to a buck. She was a large doe, and had a big, blocky, buck shaped head!
One day, her face seemed swollen so I took her to the vet, who diagnosed an abscess, probably caused by a nip from one of the higher ranking girls. She was put onto antibiotics, but unfortunately, these never got rid of it. Facial abscesses in small animals are notoriously difficult to treat, and have a poor success rate, so I wasn't too surprised when the outcome was poor. Despite aggressive treatment, the abscess had taken too much of a hold, and she died in her cage one night.

Why Bella? Bella was originally called Dusty, but it didn't seem to suit the bolshy, diva-esque attitude that emerged! Bella seemed far more fitting, and was in keeping with the Italian theme I had with my rats at the time.

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