Beau was a british blue.

Beau arrived here with his two companions, Cane and Murdoc from another rescuer. Please see Cane's page for their story.

From the offset, Beau was the most well adjusted of the three, presenting pretty much as a normal, everyday rat. He never seemed to have any behavioural problems, and was handleable and cuddly from the offset.
Beau was a gentle old lad, and saw a good age. Unfortunately, one day I found him with a huge swelling around his abdomen. It looked as if he had swallowed a football, and his abdomen was very tight. I could not feel any mass, almost as it it were fluid filled.
Beau was clearly not feeling his usual self, either, so he was taken straight to the vet. The vet was unsure what the problem was too, but given that Beau was very old at this time, and clearly in pain, I opted to have him put to sleep. In retrospect, I wish a necropsy had been done on him to find out what went wrong, as I will aways wonder.

Why Beau? Beau is french for beautiful

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