Art was a black hoody.

Art was a rat I found on the freead site 'preloved' being given away free to a good home, not far from me. As I've mentioned before, free to good home rats on sites such as this are sitting ducks for snake owners to snatch up as free 'food'. While people are gradually seeming to realise this, and charge a small fee for their rats, many more still don't realise the risk their pet is at when they offer it for free on one of these sites.
Given that this boy was also on his own, and local, I felt it was right to offer him a home here.

His owner was actually a lovely person, and the rat had belonged to her partner, who was in the military and not home much. Art had lost his cage mate, so was all alone and the girl taking care of him was a little shy of handling him as he was skittish. But he was clearly well cared for, had a nice big cage, and just needed somewhere where he could be with other rats and with someone who had a bit more time for him.

Art was always a quietly confident little rat with his own kind, and he was settled in a group quickly. He was a calm, patient rat in his old age, and accepted everyone. He had a distinctive sort of 'quiet dignity' about him and always seemed to be respected.

He died following sudden onset respiratory symptoms. I suspect either pneumonia or possibly even heart failure.

Why Art? He is named after Art Blank, a character from the SAW franchise.

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