Aggie was a striped roan.

Aggie was given to me along with Kashmir by a member of the public who felt unable to cope with them anymore.
Agie was a lovely, licky, gentle girl. She was refreshing to own as all the does I had at the time were affectionate on their own terms only, and generally more interested in doing their own thing, but Aggie was as happy having a cuddle as she was exploring. Aggie loved human affection and was trusting of everyone.
She was a born explorer and liked to investigate everything, and had no fear. She had a tendancy to be clumsy, and often knocked things over while trying to investigate them.
She reminded me very much of my past rat, Fry, as she was freakishly intelligent and outgoing.
She was very relaxed and calm and had no malice toward anyone. She was well liked in the group and maintained her alpha status right to the day of her death.

I am unsure how old she was when she died. Her previous owner told me she was a year when I got her, which would make her over 2 when she died, but I alway suspected she was older than that, as she acted more like an older doe. She had also lost most of her roan markings by the time she came to me, and seemed too mellow to be only a year old.

Aggie seemed to have a stroke, or it could have been a possible pituitary tumour, as she'd been showing very subtle signs for a week or so prior to her death.
She was always the first to the bars in the girl's cage, and I realised how much I missed her when I went out there and she wasn't there to greet me.

Why Aggie? My mum named her :)

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