Ada was a black hoodie.

Ada came to me with Cissie and Polly.
Ada was a very timid rat, who didn't relish human contact. She tolerated it, and was gentle and never caused trouble, but it was clear that she would rather be left to her own devices.
Her previous owner claimed never to have gotten attached to her or felt a bond with her. This is a bit of a double edged sword; nervous rats need a lot of handling to become bonded to their owner, but some people don't feel a drive to interact with a nervous rat.

She was always quite overweight, and one day I noticed a small lump on her neck. This didn't appear to do anything for a while, then suddenly put on a growth spurt. She actually had two, one on each side. I took her to the vet and was opted to go for surgery on the lumps, as she was otherwise fit and well.

Surgery went well, but unfortunately, within 10 days or so, the lumps began to grow back, and this time they were growing much quicker. Within 2-3 weeks, they were large enough to be causing her difficulty eating. I decided not to attempt a second surgery, as the chances were high that the lumps would just return again, as they had before. I opted instead to have her euthanised when the lumps began to impede her ability to hold her food and wash. The vet said it was the right choice and that they seemed to be quite nasty growths and he wouldn't have reccomended trying a second surgery.

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