My name is Ziggy, and I live in Norfolk, England. I was born here in November 1981.

I have owned rats for 16 years, but began running Shadowrat rat sanctuary around 2005 when it became clear that rats in this area were routinely being put to sleep simply due to lack of homes. The RSPCA did not have the facilities for any that they took in, so they were often destroyed.

I now provide a loving, safe home for the rat shaped waifs and strays in Norfolk, Suffolk and further afield.
I primarily specialise in rats with behavioural problems or with special needs. These are often the rats most in need of help. My husband, Jon, is incredibly supportive of the rats and we often go on rescue missions together.

As well as the rats, I own three cats, two ferrets, and a Doberman.

I spend my free time doing art work, both personal and on commission for others. I play and record a little music too, and have been playing guitar since I was 8 years old.

I work part time at Potter's Leisure Resort as part of the technical crew, and do one day a week working at a t-shirt design/printing shop.

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